BlepharoplastyOver time, the effects of the environment, genetics, life issues, and aging causes our eyes to show wear and tear. We may feel fantastic, however, the eyes may and do often show the effects of life. So true is the phrase, “Our eyes are the window to the soul.” However, there is hope. Improvement is available. We can roll back the effects of life and gravity on the eyes. Blepharoplasty (aka aesthetic surgery of the eyelids) is a dynamic procedure known to improve the appearance of your eyes. Eyelid surgery decreases the tired, exhaustion and puffiness. When the eyes appear rested, are well shaped and well defined, one’s entire outlook on life improves. You feel renewed, invigorated and women feel beautiful. However, eyelid surgery is risky. It should only be done by an experienced, board certified and licensed surgeon. When considering ‘Eyelid surgery’ there are 5 things you should consider.


  1. Know the Type of surgery to be performed

Your physician has done a thorough exam. He has reviewed your medical history. He has also discussed your need or desire for eyelid surgery. From this, he has determined you are a viable candidate plus he has also determined the type of eyelid surgery you need. There are 3 types of eyelid surgery. Make sure you are aware and educated on the three types: upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery and, double eyelid surgery. Which one needed is based on the appearance of your eyes.


  1. Know the Side Effects

Discuss any concerns you have with your surgeon. One specific and vital question is ‘what are the side effects.’ It’s highly unusual that a patient experiences no side effects. After surgery, you should be aware of the possible side effects and what to do in the event one or more occurs. Temporary swelling, blindness, double vision, itching, watery eyes, dryness, and other complications are known to occur. Your physician should give you a list of the side effects. The list should provide details on time frames and what to do. If not, obtain this list and review it carefully.


  1. What Is the Time Frame for Improvement

You may begin to see signs of positive results immediately. However, the normal period for complete improvement is one year. Physicians always ask that their patient be mindful of the complete recovery and improvement period for results. Gradually, over the year, you will see improvement. Levels of sagging, puffiness, and tiredness will change to finally 100% improvement during the course of the year.


  1. Take Time Before Selecting Your Surgeon

Never, ever rush into any cosmetic procedure. When it comes to eye surgery, it is imperative that you do your research. Find the most qualified, most experienced surgeon available. When surgery is to improve your appearance, it’s important to review the qualifications of all the surgeons in your area.