blepharoplasty_eyelid surgeryEveryone wants to look great. As people age, this can be more difficult to maintain. One of the best ways to combat the effects of aging and look younger is by getting tasteful plastic surgery. Of particular concern for many people in the area around their eyes. Well done plastic surgery can take years off a person’s eyes. As people get older their eyelids will often stretch. Consequently, this can make the muscles that support the eyes much weaker and less attractive. When this happens, the person may develop lots of excess fat that can easily gather in the areas around the eyelids. The net result is frequently problems such as eyebrows that sag in an unappealing way. A person may also experience problems with their eyelids such as drooping upper lids. They may also find they have issues such as bags under their eyes that make people look and feel older. Fortunately, there is a solution that will alleviate these problems and make a patient’s life easier.


The Blepharoplasty

Expert surgeons can head off this problem and even completely get rid of it for their patients. Plastic surgeons understand precisely how to remove such tissue as they cause problems. They work closely with each individual. A great plastic surgeon can completely transform this area of the body. They can get rid of severely sagging skin that can otherwise age the face and make the person feel uncomfortable when out in public. This kind of problem can also cause issues with a person’s vision. The sagging skin can reduce the person’s peripheral vision, making it harder to see properly. Someone with this issue may have problems reading, driving and doing basic tasks at work. The upper and the outer areas of vision can be affected over time, making it harder for people to function. A skilled surgeon can provide a procedure that will not only help correct this problem and make it much easier for people to see properly. The surgeon can also offer a much younger look that makes people look younger as well as making them look more alert all day long.


A Simple Procedure

Having blepharoplasty done has many important advantages for all patients. The procedure is a simple one that often takes little time to complete. Patients can be in and out of the operating room in less than a day. Recovery is often quick with few expected side effects and little need to curtail the person’s activities in the aftermath. Many people will see results quickly. The procedure may even be covered under your medical insurance. Patients often note an improvement in their field of vision a short time later. The removal of excess, sagging tissue from around a person’s eyes helps people have a face that instantly looks younger. Removing such tissue and getting rid of the bags under someone’s eyes can also be done at the same time as another kind of plastic procedure. People can look and feel much better. Dr. Kapil Saigal has years of experience working with Blepharoplasty and has restored confidence in thousands of patients. Contact our practice to schedule a consultation (407) 636-5384.