Dr. Saigal routinely performs submentoplasty surgeries. Some of the common names for a submentoplasty that may sound more familiar to Dr. Saigal’s patients include:

  • Direct Neck Lift
  • Neck Lift
  • Turkey Gobbler deformity surgery

Neck Lift Surgery Explained

Neck lift surgery is done to remove any sagging in the area underneath the chin. Muscles and skin are tightened during this procedure. Sculpting of the area under the neck will probably occur, too, to give the area under the chin the best, smoothest results possible.

When a person has a submentoplasty, they are given local anesthesia. They may also be given a sedative to keep them comfortable and relaxed. Neck lift surgery takes anywhere from one to two hours to do. Dressings are placed on the surgical area, and the patient is released from the clinic to return to their home. Someone other than the patient should accompany the patient to make sure they get home safely and that they have proper pain management prescriptions filled.

The dressings used after the neck lift are removed during the second day after the surgery. The stitches come out on the seventh day after the procedure. The patient can resume most activities within a few days after surgery. Please consult with Dr. Saigal before returning an intensive exercise program, however.

Swelling and bruising occur shortly after this surgery. These symptoms are usually gone within seven to 10 days after the operation happened. People having a neck lift return to work after this seven to 10 day period has passed.

Who is an Excellent Candidate for a Neck Lift?

If you don’t like the way the area under your chin looks, contact Dr. Saigal for a consultation. If the skin under your chin is lax and moves excessively, a submentoplasty may be just the treatment you need to give you a more youthful appearance, and to get rid of the turkey waddle under your chin. The submentoplasty is less severe than a traditional facelift. If you have a lack of muscle tone in your neck or what looks like bands around your neck, a submentoplasty may be the correct treatment for you.

Men with a wobbly area under their chin and around their neck nearly always choose the neck lift procedure over a facelift. The neck lift does the job of making men look younger and firmer in the facial area without them undergoing more extensive surgery. Plus, any scars from the surgery hide well in their facial hair under their chin. Women, also, benefit from the results and youthful looks gained by this procedure.

Dr. Saigal’s expertise and experience in performing submentoplasty are extensive enough to take the implied stress and fear away from any man or woman who wants to look younger and have a smooth-looking neckline. Please contact Dr. Saigal for a consultation today at drsaigal.com for more information on having a neck lift to keep you looking as young as you feel.