Skin sagging is a normal process. As we grow older, our skin sags. One of the most common issues for older people is the sagging of the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. A sagging brow line can make you look tired or angry or can show your real age. Due to this, more and more people are considering a brow lift. 

A brow lift is a procedure that will refresh your face and erase facial creases as well. There are two types of brow lift – classic lift and endoscopic lift. Your surgeon will help you determine which type of brow lift will best suit your face. Your surgeon will evaluate your face first before deciding. So, why should you consider a brow lift? Here are the benefits of a brow lift:

  1. Reverse a tired or angry appearance

People who have sagging eyebrows appear less approachable and tired. Raising those brows may help in making your face look happier and friendlier. If your career involves personal relations or talking to clients from time to time, then you would want to try brow lifting to improve your appearance.

  1. Open up your eyes

Sagging brows make it difficult to apply makeup. Or even with your make up on, you will still look stressed and sleepless because of the sagged skin. With a brow lift, your eyes will appear brighter, making you look younger and energized. 

  1. Long lasting results

Unlike other procedures that temporarily lift your brows, a brow lift involves removing excess skin, which can result in a youthful appearance that will last longer. Other procedures like Botox also offer the same dramatic look, however, they aren’t long lasting and are only ideal for people with lesser signs of aging. If you are getting uncomfortable with the number of wrinkles in your face, then a brow lift can definitely save your day.

  1. Less scarring

This is one of the many advantages of getting a brow lift. Since the procedure only involves small incisions, then the scarring will be less visible too. With an endoscopic brow and a type of brow lift, the procedure will only involve five small incisions on the upper hairline.

  1. Fewer complications

For one, the surgeons involved in the brow lift procedure are well experienced and highly skilled. They use a special instrument which lets them operate in a magnified view. This special instrument enables them to see the skin or the part to operate on clearer; thus, minimizing the risks of complications. Moreover, since the surgery is done through the use of high technology, the recovery time will also last for only 3 to 5 days. This is ideal for people who are busy or can’t leave their work for a long time.

Before making any decision to have surgery on your face, consult with a Facial Plastic Surgeon, and do your research.