There are a vast array of cosmetic procedures that can alter or enhance the beauty of the face, skin, and body. However, many people are skeptical of such procedures and their importance to the individual that chooses to get them. Chin implants are just one of the many procedures that plastic surgeons hear people considering but never go through with. If you are considering a chin implant, there is some information you might want to consider before you decide not to go through with the procedure.

What are They

Also known as a genioplasty, chin implants are used to help better define and improve the overall contours of the face, neck, jaw, and chin. Typically, the surgeon will take the chin and fit an implant around the bone to achieve a natural look that brings balance to the face and the natural features of the individual. Any qualified or experienced surgeon in the cosmetic field will know how to provide the best results for this type of surgery. 

What are They Used for

Many people think that chin implants are simply for cosmetic and beauty means. While this is true in some cases, there are still others that get the chin implants to help deal with a medical condition in the face. Anyone with a weak chin can get a chin implant to help support the chin and bring back the natural curves and lines of the face. If someone has a recessed chin, this surgery can help bring back certain confidence that they might have lost over the years due to the condition of their chin and how it makes their other features appear.

Why Consider Them

There are various individuals that consider chin implants for some reasons. However, if you fit in any of the categories about to mention, you should consider the procedure to give you back your confidence about your look and help with the overall strength of the jaw. If you have a weak chin, recessed chin, or a lack of proportion in your facial features, it could be beneficial to you to consider getting a genioplasty. It can help you get more harmony in your facial features, improve the definition within your jawline and neck, correct a recessed chin, and even reduce the look of a full chin due to a small chin bone.


If you are considering a chin implant as a cosmetic procedure, be sure to find the most qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeon to help discuss your options, prices, the procedure, and even the recovery time to ensure that you are ready for the next steps. You can gain back your confidence with a chin implant. Cosmetic surgery, including chin implants, doesn’t have to be a negative thing, and you would be surprised at how many people experience these implants and see a drastic change in their looks and their confidence.